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Atlanta Water Damage Cleanup Services After Flooding Occurs

Water Damage Clean up in AtlantaFrom simple accidents to overwhelming natural disasters such as hurricanes, water damage cleanup is not an easy task.  No longer being able to living in your home and experiencing the loss of personal items and property can be overwhelming.  We want you to know that we understand, and we are here to help.  All you need to do in such a situation is call our Atlanta water damage cleanup experts to come and help salvage your home.

During such a disaster, water gets into all parts of your home; from the ceiling to the basement. If you have a hardwood floor, it will absorb water, and the wood will begin to warp and bend. You need a professional service that is equipped with the technology to dry the water from the floor, and save you a small fortune. The walls of your home will also absorb water, and this may cause structural weakness, posing a danger to you and your family. The attic or ceiling of your home can also store moisture which may cause it to collapse. Given these dangers, only experts can help you remedy the situation effectively. Floodmasters water damage cleanup services are available to you 24/7, so you can call whenever you require them, and we will send our team to your rescue.

Apart from the water seepage in the floor and walls, your furniture, and other items will suffer damage after a storm. We can help you recover your furniture on other potential expensive items. We will remove water from carpets and upholstery, as well as dry wooden cabinets, and other household goods. Our services are extensive, and you will find your home retaining much of the semblance that it had before the storm. If any of the items are completely damaged, our cleanup service will remove the debris and ensure that your home is completely clean.  If needed, we can even sanitize your home, and ensure that there is no danger of mold growing. Mold can pose a serious risk to your family, and we ensure that your home is completely dehumidified, and sanitized.

Electrical systems are bound to suffer damage during such a storm.  We will check that the wiring is safe to use before before restoring electricity in your home. We will inspect the outlets, and much of the wiring, especially in area where there was a lot of water absorption. Before you get back to your normal routines we will ensure that everything is in its proper place, and your home is safe for habitation.

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Sewage Water Cleanup in Atlanta

sewage cleanup AtlantaHarsh weather, clogged pipes, or overflowing septic systems can all cause sewage system backup or overflows, and unfortunately you never know when it could be your home that is affected. Leaking sewage poses a health risk to you and your family, not to mention the unpleasant smell and sight.   The good news is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess.   Floodmasters offers sewage water cleanup in Atlanta and surrounding areas, so at the first sign of sewage backing up into your house call as ASAP.

Some of the sewage systems today, were built many decades ago, and can be more prone to failure.  When the structural integrity of old sewage lines occur, entire neighborhoods can be affected.  If this is the case, then you should get together with your neighbors and contact our sewage clean up professionals in Atlanta.

Sewage lines that pass near water reservoirs can also pose a potential problem if they get ruptured. Any sign of sewage flowing into the street should be a matter of concern to you and your neighbors. The smell coming into the home from the street can make it uncomfortable to live in your home.

Our experts deal with all types of water or flood damage clean up every day and have the right training and tools to properly handle sewage or polluted water. They have the gear required to ensure that the cleanup process is performed in a safe manner. Once you contact us, we will come to your home, or community, and review the extent of the damage, and provide you with a quote for repair and cleanup.   We also work closely with your insurance company to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve to completely restore your home.

Once the repairs to the system are complete, our technicians will go through your house, and using antimicrobial agents, perform a thorough disinfection where needed.  If any of the sewage had entered your water system, then the agents will cleanup all harmful bacteria, ensuring that you get water that is safe to use. Dehumidifying your home will take away any of the smell that tends to linger after such an incident.

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What To Do When Water Damage Occurs

Sewage clean up or water damage can be quite overwhelming, but there are certain things that must be done to avoid further damage.  Depending on what causes the damage and where the problem has occurred, a person will need to take different measures to begin the clean up. Here are a few things that should be done immediately following water damage.

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Call a professional water or sewage cleanup company as soon as possible.  The technicians at Floodmasters LLC have the right training and equipment to make sure things get cleaned up properly, safely, and quickly.   After you make that call, the most important thing to remember is to remain calm. This type of damage can be quite upsetting, but a calm demeanor will help get the job done much faster. The first things to do is to turn off the source of water along with the breaker in the wet areas. It will be necessary to unplug and remove electrical items that are located on wet surfaces.

To prevent further damage, a person can wrap pieces of tin foil around the legs and bases of wood furniture that is standing on wet rugs or carpeting. If water levels are extremely high, it may be better to elevate the pieces of furniture. To preserve upholstery and drapery, it will be best to pin them away from wet surfaces. Dark colored fabric tends to bleed and may cause even more harm.

In order to aid the drying process, it may be wise to use fans or an air conditioner in the affected areas. This will also help to remove extra moisture from the room. The faster the carpeting dries, the less likely it is to get moldy. Mold can be very harmful to a person’s health.

If the walls get wet, it is smart to remove pictures or other hanging items. If a drop ceiling is a problem, it is best to punch small holes in a sagging ceiling. Trapped water will be aloud to escape and will place less stress on its structure. A ceiling fan or other lighting on the ceiling must never be used until the area is completely dry.

As a bit of caution, it is best to use something other than newspaper to walk on over wet flooring. Its ink may leak onto carpet and leave stains behind. It is important not to use a regular vacuum on wet surfaces. A person may receive a terrible shock or ruin the appliance. It is safer to use a mop or squeegee.

Even though sewage clean up is unpleasant, it is a necessary step in returning a place back to normal. The above tips are just a few things that will help prevent further damage to furniture or other parts of a room. In severe cases, there are professional services that are ready to offer help.

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The Importance of Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration atlantaWithout prompt water damage restoration, areas that have been flooded can pose some severe health risks. If your home has recently been flooded or had another incident where areas were damaged by water, it is important to get things dried out as quickly as possible.

One of the biggest problems is when the water is contaminated. This is most probably when a sewer pipe has burst or if a natural body of water has overflowed. In these cases, you are at risk for the bacteria and microorganisms that are in the water. These include a wide range of parasites and diseases, such as giardia and amoebas. The risk continues once the water is dried out. The bacteria and viruses can remain on surfaces for quite some time.

Even clean water is a threat when it is left standing for a time. While most people know that mosquitoes can breed in stagnant water, you might not realize that this is not the only thing that grows there.

The damp left behind when the water recedes provides the perfect environment for mold to grow. It is also a great place for cockroaches to breed, along with dust mites and unpleasant microorganisms. These can irritate those with asthma or allergies, but depending on the mold type, things can be much worse. You could end up with hypersensitivity pneumonitis in some cases.

Mold is highly contagious in that it spreads rapidly from surface to surface. While you may feel that a simple damp spot in the basement is no big deal, it can grow. It’s not uncommon to find mold inside walls and spreading to things like books that were not even near the flooded area. Unfortunately, water damage usually requires eliminating many items in your home to prevent the spread of mold.

After water damage has occurred, the first step is to eliminate the actual water. Only then can you work on disinfecting and drying everything else. It can be a long process and one that may cause high levels of stress in those living in the home.

While water damage restoration is possible on your own, most people prefer to bring in professionals to help. The experience and equipment can make a big difference in how long it takes to eliminate the hazards caused by water damage. It also makes it easier to move back in if you have left the home to avoid health problems.

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Professional Atlanta Flood Damage Company To Your Rescue

atlanta flood damageMany times, Americans have had to bear the brunt of water damage caused by floods and other natural disasters. Similarly, many homes are plagued with leaky pipes that cause damage to the structure of their homes. Water damage can lead to the growth of mold in your home. Mold is dangerous, since it causes serious illnesses, and can be very dangerous, especially to the very young, elderly, and people with respiratory problems. Water can also compromise the structure of a home, including ceilings, and walls. If you have water damage in your home, you should call on an Atlanta flood damage company to come and dry your home, and avoid putting your family at risk.

A good water damage restoration service provider will have the proper equipment needed to properly dry and ultimately restore your home or business. Our professionals will inspect the home, and look for serious damage, which they will attend to promptly. They will dry the basement, walls, ceiling, floors and other parts of the home, ensuring that there is no humidity left. They will also clean up the debris that may have been left after the flood. Any furniture, carpets, and upholstery that requires repair will be attended to, and you will end up reclaiming most of your belongings. That which is beyond repair will be discarded, and they will give you a report, and work with your insurance carrier to make sure you get proper compensation. Basically, they will do whatever they possibly can, to ensure that your home is restored to a semblance of its former ambiance.

Having a professional Atlanta flood damage company to clean up your home has several advantages. The first is that they will perform the cleanup, right there in your home. This will ensure that your home is habitable, in the shortest time possible. This will save you a lot of time, money, and inconvenience, brought about by living in hotels, or with your friends and relatives. It also allows them to conduct a good damage inspection, and give you a report in time, so you can make a timely insurance claim. They will also ensure that your home is properly disinfected, de-humidified, and cleaned. The sewage system in your home will be attended to, ensuring that your water is safe for washing and drinking.

When you have flood damage in your home, choose the # 1 recommended Atlanta flood damage company – Floodmasters.  We’ll restore your home to its former glory, in the shortest time possible.

Water Damage Clean up in Atlanta

Water Damage Clean up in AtlantaWe’ve all heard the gasps at the dinner table when a glass of water is knocked over and spills.  A bit embarrassing yes, but easy to clean up.   Now imagine an ongoing water leak, a burst water main, or a flood.  These types of water damage can render your home inhabitable.   Apart from ruining your furniture, and the structure of your home, any damage that is left unattended can lead to the growth of mold. Mold can lead to various health complications, some of which can be very serious.   If you need water damage cleanup in Atlanta, call Floodmasters and we’ll get your home cleaned up, and restored to the way it used to be.

Our technicians will respond to your call immediately, and begin by removing the debris that has been left by the water. Out of these, they will salvage those that can be reclaimed, and write a report, for insurance purposes, on those which cannot be repaired. They will dry up all the carpets, and upholstery that may have been soaked, using special equipment. They will then dry up the floor beneath the carpets and furniture, ensuring that no water is absorbed into your flooring material. All this will be done on-site, so that they can quickly return your home to its original state.

Our technicians will also look for structural damage throughout the home. They will work on the basement, walls and ceiling, to ensure that any traces of moisture have been removed. If the flooding was caused by a burst water main, they will quickly repair it to ensure that the problem never occurs again. They will look for other problem areas, such as the sewage, to ensure that the drinking and cleaning water remains untainted. Their experience will save you the inconvenience of having to live away from you home, for extended periods.

If you have had a flooding or any significant water damage in your home or office, Call our Atlanta water damage cleanup professionals as soon as possible.  We are available 24/7/365.

Disaster Cleanup In Atlanta

Disaster Cleanup in AtlantaDisaster cleanup in Atlanta are services available to homeowners with minor to major flooding or water damage issues.   Accidents happen and natural disasters occur, so regardless of how old or new your home or office might be, you never know when water damage or disaster cleanup services will be needed.   Flooding and water damage both comes from a number of sources.

Many times just a tiny hose leak, or small break in a pipe can cause thousands of dollars of damage if left undiscovered. Free standing or stagnant water can be terribly destructive.  Water damage can affect the foundation of a building, such as the roof, the floors and the walls.  The cleanup process can seem overwhelming.

Floodmasters is an expert in performing disaster cleanup in Atlanta. We have been repairing and restoring flood damaged homes and building structures since 1997. Our staff is dedicated to delivering quality services to residential and commercial customers. We have the certifications, education and experience in all type of cleaning techniques. Our specialty is in water removal, sewage removal, carpet cleaning, home repairs, restoration and inspection. Floodmasters is the one stop full service company that can do it all.

The Right Equipment for Disaster Cleanup in Atlanta

Having the right equipment can make quick work of even the most overwhelming tasks. After the water damage has cleared, we will inspect the property and let property owners know the extent of their property’s damage. It is important to have professionals working on any type of structural damages. Insurance companies are adamant about not wanting to pay unlicensed companies or contractors for professional work. We have been performing disaster cleanup in Atlanta, and dealing with insurance companies since the beginning of their operation, and they know how to speak their language, on their customer’s behalf.

We know the financial, emotional, and physical hardships these disasters can cause.  We take you step by step through the entire process to make sure your life gets back to normal as soon as possible.

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Alpharetta Water Damage Repair

Flooding in your home can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. It can also pose a health risk to your family. If you need water damage repair in Alpharetta, call Floodmasters, and we’ll have things cleaned up in no time.

Some minor damage can be cleaned on your own, but for any significant water leaks, call a professional who can identify potential structural damage or heath hazards caused by the water damage.   Using a professional company will ensure that the water is removed from your home, in a manner that will render it safe for habitation. Any moisture not properly treated, even if it seems minor can eventually lead to mold growth, which can be dangerous to the health of your family.  Our experts will begin by removing all soaked items from the house, and proceed to dry them on-site. They will then dry up the floor, so no moisture is retained when your furniture is replaced. This will ensure that no mold grows below your carpets and furniture.

Our technicians have the necessary equipment, and knowledge, to identify placed where the structure of your home may have been compromised. They will proceed to remove water from the cavities in your wall, ensuring that they remain permanently dry. If there has been damage to pipes and drains, they will replace them before rebuilding the walls. This way, you home will remain dry, even after serious flooding.  We don’t stop there, we will also inspect for potential structural damage and ensure that needed repairs are done.   We work directly with the insurance company on your behalf, and help protect your best interests.

If you are searching for water damage cleanup companies in Alpharetta, look no further than Floodmasters.  We have the proper experience, knowledge, and reputation, when it comes to cleaning up water damage.

We are happy to provide referrals from previous customers who have suffered water damage in the past.  We understand that the safety of your family is paramount, and we know that you wont be disappointed with our services.

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Atlanta Water Damage And Restoration

Water Damage Atlanta GAWater damage is one of the most destructive conditions for most types building structures.  Homes, apartments, offices, condos, and other property are at risk for mold and mildew damage due to water or humidity exposure. The cause of most water damage in Atlanta is due to broken or leaking water pipes & hoses, sewer backups, & prolonged exposure to humidity.   But we are all human, and there are occasions when accidents happen like overflowing tubs and sinks.  Whatever the reason or reasons may be, Floodmasters is always there to lend a hand.  We are equipped to professionally fix all water damage issues that most homes encounter.

Water damage leaves behind a variety of restoration tasks.  Has wood been warped, rotten, or started to mold?  Has the sheetrock been exposed, is it soggy or crumbling?  Are floors sunk, or still holding moisture?  What about debris or sediment cleanup?  Is there standing water, and has it been contaminated with any bacteria or raw sewage?  We know what questions to ask, and more importantly we know how to talk to your insurance company to ensure that they cover damages that needed, and in some cases required by law.  We are licensed, insured, and specialized specifically for providing Atlanta water damage restoration.

The process of water damage cleanup isn’t just stressful financially, but can take a toll emotionally as well.   We know that home or commercial property owners just want to get things back to normal as soon as possible.  We are available for water damage emergencies 24/7/365.  Our specialists will meet with you immediately, provide recommendations, estimates, and maybe most importantly, they’ll give you the hope and assurance that only experienced professionals can.

Hiring a reliable dependable company to perform water damage restoration Atlanta services, is the wisest choice homeowners can make. There are too many health risks involved to attempt any cleanup without first consulting a professional.

Water damage may not be preventable, but the damage it leaves behind is definitely fixable. Floodmasters are experts at restoring homes and other property that has been damaged by water, rain, sewage and other natural causes. When disaster strikes, and often times it will, Floodmasters will always be close by.

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