Alpharetta Water Damage Repair

Flooding in your home can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. It can also pose a health risk to your family. If you need water damage repair in Alpharetta, call Floodmasters, and we’ll have things cleaned up in no time.

Some minor damage can be cleaned on your own, but for any significant water leaks, call a professional who can identify potential structural damage or heath hazards caused by the water damage.   Using a professional company will ensure that the water is removed from your home, in a manner that will render it safe for habitation. Any moisture not properly treated, even if it seems minor can eventually lead to mold growth, which can be dangerous to the health of your family.  Our experts will begin by removing all soaked items from the house, and proceed to dry them on-site. They will then dry up the floor, so no moisture is retained when your furniture is replaced. This will ensure that no mold grows below your carpets and furniture.

Our technicians have the necessary equipment, and knowledge, to identify placed where the structure of your home may have been compromised. They will proceed to remove water from the cavities in your wall, ensuring that they remain permanently dry. If there has been damage to pipes and drains, they will replace them before rebuilding the walls. This way, you home will remain dry, even after serious flooding.  We don’t stop there, we will also inspect for potential structural damage and ensure that needed repairs are done.   We work directly with the insurance company on your behalf, and help protect your best interests.

If you are searching for water damage cleanup companies in Alpharetta, look no further than Floodmasters.  We have the proper experience, knowledge, and reputation, when it comes to cleaning up water damage.

We are happy to provide referrals from previous customers who have suffered water damage in the past.  We understand that the safety of your family is paramount, and we know that you wont be disappointed with our services.

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