Disaster Cleanup In Atlanta

Disaster Cleanup in AtlantaDisaster cleanup in Atlanta are services available to homeowners with minor to major flooding or water damage issues.   Accidents happen and natural disasters occur, so regardless of how old or new your home or office might be, you never know when water damage or disaster cleanup services will be needed.   Flooding and water damage both comes from a number of sources.

Many times just a tiny hose leak, or small break in a pipe can cause thousands of dollars of damage if left undiscovered. Free standing or stagnant water can be terribly destructive.  Water damage can affect the foundation of a building, such as the roof, the floors and the walls.  The cleanup process can seem overwhelming.

Floodmasters is an expert in performing disaster cleanup in Atlanta. We have been repairing and restoring flood damaged homes and building structures since 1997. Our staff is dedicated to delivering quality services to residential and commercial customers. We have the certifications, education and experience in all type of cleaning techniques. Our specialty is in water removal, sewage removal, carpet cleaning, home repairs, restoration and inspection. Floodmasters is the one stop full service company that can do it all.

The Right Equipment for Disaster Cleanup in Atlanta

Having the right equipment can make quick work of even the most overwhelming tasks. After the water damage has cleared, we will inspect the property and let property owners know the extent of their property’s damage. It is important to have professionals working on any type of structural damages. Insurance companies are adamant about not wanting to pay unlicensed companies or contractors for professional work. We have been performing disaster cleanup in Atlanta, and dealing with insurance companies since the beginning of their operation, and they know how to speak their language, on their customer’s behalf.

We know the financial, emotional, and physical hardships these disasters can cause.  We take you step by step through the entire process to make sure your life gets back to normal as soon as possible.

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