Atlanta Water Damage Repair Done Right

Atlanta Water Damage RepairWater damage in your home or workplace is not only unsightly; it is also dangerous to your property and even your health. If you discover any water spots, leaks, mold or other moisture in your ceilings, walls, floors or surfaces, call our Atlanta water damage repair experts at Floodmasters immediately. When you wait too long to get professional help, small problems can become big problems. The best way to protect yourself and your property is acting fast, and choosing the right Atlanta water damage repair company.   You can rely on us to be there fast, and to provide you with peace of mind and high quality repair work.

Floodmasters has years of local experience in Atlanta. In addition to conducting emergency repairs on water damage in your home or your office, our highly skilled and customer service oriented professionals can also perform routine maintenance that will help ensure you do not have any major leaks or water disasters in the near future. Floodmasters can provide help, service and even education on why water damage is bad for your home, and how just a little bit of moisture in a wall or a floor can cause mold and other problems that might harm your health.

In addition to paying attention to top notch repair work, our experts at Floodmasters also keep your budget in mind. They know that finding affordable work is difficult, especially when you need qualified professionals around the clock. Our team can help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they will not set unfair rates or charge outrageous fees. Many customers have actually saved money by calling Floodmasters. Often, totally replacing a floor or a wall is unnecessary if you have the right people in place to repair the existing damage and prevent new damage from growing.

No one likes to think about the damage that water and moisture can do to a home, a business or your health. However, the risks are hard to avoid. If you notice any kind of potential problem, do not hesitate to call the Atlanta water damage repair experts in your area. Floodmasters will come to you quickly, with the tools and expertise you need to stop the immediate problem and prevent any problems in the future. You get the rare combination of service, quality, peace of mind and extra attention to your budget.


The Dangers Of Black Mold Exposure: Steps For Mold Removal

mold removal atlanta GaAs a homeowner, it is important that you know the dangers of black mold exposure, to you and your family. Mold is the culprit behind the “sick building syndrome”, characterized by complications within the respiratory system. It is found in the rooms, and spaces with a high level of moisture. The spores produced by the mold, for reproduction, are the root cause of the respiratory, and to some extent, nervous system complications.

The spores produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), which interfere with the performance of the respiratory tract, and nervous systems. Inhalation is the main mode of infection, although they can also be ingested. The first signs of infection resemble those that occur when you develop a cold. The mucous membranes in your respiratory tract become inflamed, and you start sneezing. You will then develop a fever, and fatigue will set in. Other symptoms include dizziness, constant headaches, difficulty in concentration, loss of memory, and general sluggishness.

If you are not aware of the dangers of black mold exposure, you may confuse the symptoms to be an allergic reaction to something else. In the past, black mold was not considered to be a major concern, until infants started dying mysteriously, in Cleveland Ohio, after having exhibited these symptoms. Exposure to a large amount of spores, or prolonged exposure over time, can lead to internal bleeding, and the presence of blood in body tissues, which can be lethal. Any unexplained internal body pain and discomfort, is a sign of serious exposure to black mold.

There are people who do not realize they are suffering from the effects of black mold, since they have become accustomed to their environment. If you have lived in a musty home, and are exposed to low-levels of black mold, you may get accustomed to the odor of your home, and not seek immediate help. Over time, you will begin feeling unwell, and assume that you are suffering from another ailment. You should be constantly aware of the dangers of black mold, and how the symptoms manifest themselves. This knowledge will spare you a lot of pain, and discomfort, in the future.

Black Mold Removal in Atlanta

Atlanta residents should perform annual or bi-annual inspections for any mold growth in their homes. Any areas that have high-moisture levels, such as the basement, bathrooms, and attics, should be checked more regularly.  If any sign of mold is found, contact Floodmasters-GA immediately, and our professionally trained experts will present you with a plan for the mold removal.  In addition, they apply special coatings that resist any future mold growth.

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Hiring An Atlanta Disaster Cleanup Company

Atlanta Disaster Cleanup CompanyWith the advances in technology, many times we can predict, or at least have some advanced warning about when a natural disaster will occur.  However, even with advanced warning, natural disasters can cause massive damage to homes, businesses, city infrastructure,  utilities and more. The costs of disaster restoration and cleanup goes far beyond just money.  I’ve personally seen how lives are turned upside down and inside out, I’ve seen the blood, sweat, and tears.  Its just as emotionally draining, if not more, than it is financially.   That is why I have made it my goal to create a disaster cleanup company that that recognizes that we are doing more than just cleaning up a mess, we are helping people to put the pieces of their lives back together again.

Here are a few reasons why I feel that we are the #1 most recommended disaster cleanup company in Atlanta.

  1. Most homeowners have insurance to cover these costs, but it can be a difficult time to negotiate, or hassle with insurance issues.  We work directly with the insurance companies on your behalf.  We’ve had years of experience dealing with insurance companies, so we can go to bat for you, and protect your best interests.   Going through a disaster like this is difficult enough, we want to help ease that burden by doing everything we can to make the restoration process as painless as possible.
  2. Damage from natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes, takes more than just a cleanup crew. We have the right tools, equipment, licenses, expertise, training, and personal to complete this task safely and effectively.  We are IICRC Certified- (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification), and follow IICRC/ANSI S520 standards.
  3. We work fast.   You may be forced to stay in temporary accommodation while your home is being restored, and you need a company that will accomplish this task in the shortest time possible. ‘
  4. We don’t cut corners.  We check more than the eye can see, such as structural integrity, possible future problem areas for mold growth. If any flooding occurred, we make sure it is completely dry before we leave.
  5. Our customer reviews speak for us!  Read our reviews online and you will see a long list of satisfied customers, many of which now we consider friends.

If you are looking for an Atlanta disaster cleanup company, please consider Floodmasters, we know you wont be disappointed with our professional service and expertise!


Cleaning Up Water Damage In Atlanta

water damage in Atlanta GAWhen you think of water damage,  you probably think about leaks from pipes that affect your walls, or water on your floors from floods and other natural disasters. Remember that when water enters your home, it can also damage anything inside that home, including your furniture and other personal property. It can also be dangerous to your health because it causes mold, mildew and sets up the perfect type of environment for harmful bacteria to grow. When you have water damage in Atlanta, you need to call an expert who can remove it quickly and thoroughly. If you don’t know where to turn, call us today for a free quote.  Our local company has been providing services for water damage in Atlanta and surrounding areas for many years.

As soon as you notice any damage in your home, call Floodmasters and explain the problem. We will give you a few instructions and we’ll be onsite to help in no time. Instructions might include turning off the water source if the damage is due to a leak or a situation where a tub or toilet has overflowed. You might also be asked to remove any electrical devices that could present a safety problem. A team of water damage experts will arrive shortly after you call them. Before they arrive, make sure they will have easy access to the problem. Remove any rugs, furniture, toys and paintings or wall hangings that might be in danger of getting wet. If you have small children or pets, keep them away from the water.

It does not take long for leaks or floods to begin causing mold. Stay away from the affected area until you have professional help there to stop the damage caused by water and assess the potential for additional problems. Once the issue is contained, you will be able to wipe down and clean off any spots or marks that have been left behind by the water. When you work with Floodmasters, we will make recommendations on what should be thrown away and replaced, and what can still be saved.

Experiencing Water Damage in Atlanta?

If are experiencing water damage in Atlanta, the best thing you can do is act quickly. Allowing potential leaks or problems to stretch on for days or even hours can increase the amount of damage that is done to your property and even your health. Protect your home and your furniture by calling ASAP. We will fix your water damage quickly and expertly, and help you prevent future problems.

Atlanta Mold Remediation: Call Floodmasters GA

Atlanta mold remediationWhen it comes to Atlanta mold remediation, we are the experts.  Our company has been cleaning up water damage and taking care of mold problems in Atlanta for over 15 years. You can count on high quality, excellent customer service and affordable pricing.

Atlanta Mold Remediation Treatment

Clean up and treatment is necessary when you find mold in your home, and it is essential to take action quickly.  Mold is not something that you can leave on your property. Whether you find it on your walls, floors, ceilings, or even on your furniture and personal property, you need to get the problem taken care of immediately.

The experts at Floodmasters approach mold with the same intensity and knowledge as health experts at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Once you call in our professionals to remove your mold, they will help you understand how to prevent and detect mold in the future.

Here are some tips to avoid mold growth in your home:

Reduce Humidity
Keep your home as dry as possible. You want your humidity levels to be between 40 percent and 60 percent, and air conditioners and humidifiers can help you get there.

Fix Water Leaks
Pay attention to your home maintenance – fix any leaky roofs or pipes.

Watch For Condensation
Keep bathrooms or wet areas in your home well ventilated.  Look for water residue on concrete walls, windows or metal pipes.

Once you notice mold in your home, or suspect that it might be growing, take immediate action. Not only can mold have a lasting impact on your home and personal property, it can also be harmful to your health. Mold spores are released into the air, causing breathing problems and other health issues that become serious if they are not identified and treated. Having any mold removed and cleaned as soon as you notice it in your home is the best way to protect you and your family. If you suspect mold may be present in your office, make sure you are protecting your employees as well.

The Atlanta mold remediation specialists at Floodmasters at trained and certified. You can rely on our locally owned company to help you clean and remove any mold that might be present in your home or office.

If you have questions or concerns, please give us a call, or request a free bid online.

Damage Restoration Services For Atlanta Residents

Damage Restoration Services in Atlanta GAWhen it concerns damage restoration services Atlanta residents are in luck. Floodmasters GA handles everything from cleaning up to resolving the source of the problem to billing the insurance company. This locally owned and operated company has been in Atlanta for over fifteen years. The business was funded by long time Atlanta businessman Robert Condit. Condit wanted to use his education in International Business and his knowledge of the restoration industry to help people. He understood the despair that homeowners feel when they face a flooded basement or a patch of mold that is making their family ill. Condit wanted to help these people by resolving their issues and restoring their homes to their previous glory. He has been successful on this quest, and in many cases, Condit’s clients have even claimed that their homes looked better after he resolved the trouble than they did prior to the issue occurring.

Robert Condit and the Floodmasters team have spent the last fifteen years working with clients to discover what they truly need and want. They found that most homeowners want to work with a restoration company who is able to do work quickly and efficiently. Thus, Condit and his team have always sought to provide quick and efficient high quality services to homeowners. They understand that homeowners want top notch customer service and certified technicians, and Floodmasters has made providing those services part of their mission. Now, when they need damage restoration services Atlanta homeowners can call Floodmasters, and they can rest assured that they will also receive the best service and the most qualified technicians in the city.

Damage Restoration Services For Atlanta Residents are “Top Notch!”

To please their clients and ensure that the job is done correctly every time, Condit and the Floodmasters team also offer a dry guarantee. Water is perhaps the most damaging thing that can plague any home, and to help homeowners avoid further damage, Condit and his crew never leave a home until it is totally dry.

One of the other things that Condit has learned in his fifteen year plus experience concerns insurance companies. Many insurance companies act unwilling to work with certain homeowners. Condit and Floodmasters strive to make this process easy for homeowners. They work with all kinds of insurance companies, and they will sit on hold to reach an insurance company so that a homeowner does not have to waste that time or energy.

When selecting damage restoration services, Atlanta homeowners have one clear choice, Floodmasters-GA!

Sewage Removal in Atlanta – Floodmasters GA

Sewage Removal in Atlanta Services

Sewage removal in Atlanta problems can be devastating, messy and very frustrating

Sewage removal in Atlanta is definitely a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Sewage residue can create a foul environment, contaminate sterile living conditions and cause severe health issues. Pipes often burst and come unattached from their connecting mates. When this happens, there is only one sensible solution. Call in our professional sewage removal team. Our expertise and knowledge in sewer damage cleanup allow us to restore your home, basement and other areas where sewage has contaminated. Sewage pipes can run inside the walls, under the house and beneath the ground. When sewage backs up in any one of these areas, there is an immediate threat to both personal and private property. Animals, children and adults should never be in the vicinity of over flooded sewage. There are universal safety precautions that everyone should take in the event of a sewage problem. The first step is to get as far away as possible from the spill and call our sewage removal Atlanta crew. Our sewage cleanup crews know how to handle sewage damage and they know how to do it right.

The release of sewage in the home create serious health problems

Sewage over flow can begin in any part of the house where pipe lines are routed. This unhealthy release of sewage in the home can increase health problems and add to existing problems. Pathogens are airborne and they affect the entire atmosphere within the home. Heating and cooling units become carriers of germs and toxins for exposed sewage. Experienced cleaning crews are not only trained to clean the affected area, they are also trained to sanitize and disinfect. Their equipment consists of the latest technology in environmental cleaning. When the cleaning crew arrives on the scene they can quickly assess the scene and determine the best way to approach the problem.

There is nothing simple about fixing a sewage problem.

No toxin, substance or matter should be left behind following the cleaning process. It may be better for everyone to leave the home until after the cleanup. When the pipes in the bathroom bursts or the drain fields outside erupts or overflows, waiting until normal business hours is not the answer.

We are the #1 recommended sewage removal company in Atlanta. We offer emergency sewage cleanup services 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Call Today or Request  A Free Quote:

Water Damage Atlanta: Choosing A Restoration Company

Water Damage in Atlanta GA

When your home or your business sustains water damage, we know that it can be stressful and overwhelming

Make it easier by choosing the right water clean up and restoration company.

Whether your home or property has a water leak, or fallen prey to a natural disaster such as a flood or another type of storm, you need to inspect all interior and exterior surfaces for signs of damage. When this type of damage is left unattended, it can cause mold and other problems. In addition to being concerned about your property, furniture and other belongings, you also want to protect your health. Water damage can cause mold and create an environment that is inviting to bacteria.

Water Damage Atlanta:  How To Choose The Right Clean Up Crew?

  •  Ask For Referrals
    Ask to speak with previous customers, the more recent, the better.  Ask them for an honest opinion, they have nothing to gain by misleading you, so you’ll most likely get an idea if that company is easy to deal with.  Many people in and around Atlanta will speak highly of the work that is done by Floodmasters GA.  We are a locally owned and operated business, our experts will immediately and thoroughly inspect the damage that water might have done to your home, business and other property.
  • Internet Research
    Check to make sure the company you are considering is current with all their licenses and insurance by visiting the Georgia secretary of state website.
    Look for reviews on sites like Angie’s List, and Google Places.
    Floodmasters prides itself on its excellent, high quality work as well as its attentive customer service. We know what a hassle water messes can be, and we want to make the cleaning process as easy for you as possible.
  • Experience Dealing With Insurance
    Some companies don’t always go to bat for the homeowner, or don’t work with the insurance company on your behalf.  This is what really sets Floodmasters apart from the competition, we’re in your corner, and we work with the insurance companies to make sure you are properly taken care of.

Once you contact us, we will come out and inspect the water damage you have as soon as possible. If you are not sure whether you have any damage because it is not visible, but you know you have had leaks or flooding recently, schedule an inspection just in case. Our experts will look in places that you would not normally check out, so they can be sure you do not have any damage to worry about elsewhere in your home or business.

If you need help dealing with water damage in Atlanta, we want to make the water clean up process as painless as possible.  Don’t procrastinate water restoration, the problems just get bigger.

Call Us and schedule an inspection appointment. You’ll be pleased with the service you receive.  We are open 24/7 365.

Atlanta Mold Removal: Asthma like symptoms?

Atlanta mold removal servicesAtlanta mold removal services may be needed for your home or business if you are experiencing asthma like symptoms. Not all mold comes from inside your home so be sure to ask the experts on mold removal. If you suspect mold growth in your home or business call Floodmasters to check it out at 678-682-9750.

News Story: Dangerous Mold Outside

If you hare having asthma like symptoms that you think could be from mold, know that not all mold comes from inside your house.  Knowledge is the key.  There was a 16 year old girl who died from a mold/fungus that is commonly found in soil.  The girl was being treated for asthma for the last 3 years.  She started having breathing problems 1 year before that.

This was not  a type of mold/fungus that is typically fatal.  The young girls body just reacted differently according to the Fox News Report. The body can normally fight off the fungus and death it extremely rare.  So, if you are having breathing problems and are not convience that it is Asthma, you may want to get tested to be sure.  It could save your life.

Atlanta Mold Removal: Mold in your home?

If you think you may have mold in your home, then call a certified mold abatement contractor to check it out for you. Many types of molds/fungi can cause asthma like symptoms or breathing problems.  Its best to know what you are dealing with.

To learn more about mold visit Atlanta Mold Removal and Treatment: Floodmasters, LLC.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Olson Family.