Water Damage Clean up in Atlanta

Water Damage Clean up in AtlantaWe’ve all heard the gasps at the dinner table when a glass of water is knocked over and spills.  A bit embarrassing yes, but easy to clean up.   Now imagine an ongoing water leak, a burst water main, or a flood.  These types of water damage can render your home inhabitable.   Apart from ruining your furniture, and the structure of your home, any damage that is left unattended can lead to the growth of mold. Mold can lead to various health complications, some of which can be very serious.   If you need water damage cleanup in Atlanta, call Floodmasters and we’ll get your home cleaned up, and restored to the way it used to be.

Our technicians will respond to your call immediately, and begin by removing the debris that has been left by the water. Out of these, they will salvage those that can be reclaimed, and write a report, for insurance purposes, on those which cannot be repaired. They will dry up all the carpets, and upholstery that may have been soaked, using special equipment. They will then dry up the floor beneath the carpets and furniture, ensuring that no water is absorbed into your flooring material. All this will be done on-site, so that they can quickly return your home to its original state.

Our technicians will also look for structural damage throughout the home. They will work on the basement, walls and ceiling, to ensure that any traces of moisture have been removed. If the flooding was caused by a burst water main, they will quickly repair it to ensure that the problem never occurs again. They will look for other problem areas, such as the sewage, to ensure that the drinking and cleaning water remains untainted. Their experience will save you the inconvenience of having to live away from you home, for extended periods.

If you have had a flooding or any significant water damage in your home or office, Call our Atlanta water damage cleanup professionals as soon as possible.  We are available 24/7/365.

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