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Commercial Water Damage Restoration

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Dry Hardwood Floors and Cabinets

Wood Floor Drying After Water DamageSave time and money by Drying those hardwood floors and other wood structures instead of replacing. Replacing can get expensive. Dry and save!

Hardwood floors can be beautiful and expensive to replace. This is why Floodmasters provides an alternative to replacement.

When someone comes to assess the damages on your home after a water disaster, and they say the floors need to be replace, simply asked them "Why can they not be dried?" Our hardwood flooring equipment pulls the water and air from under the floor to the surface. This process not only pulls up air, but the moisture with it. These drying pads combined with dehumidifiers, dries the hardwood floors without the need for replacement.

With this process, you are saved time and money as opposed to replacing the floors as a lot of adjusters would suggest.

Our In Place Drying System will minimize the amount of reconstruction needed which saves the insurance company money and makes them more likely to cover the damages. This process is also less invasive on your property while the claim is in progress.