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Atlanta Sewage Damage Removal, Repair and Treatment

Sewage Removal AtlantaBasic Information

Sewage also known as wastewater, is water carried-waste. Sewage can contain pathogenic organisms and organic matter that can transmit diseases to humans or other animals, and can cause odors and nuisance problem. Sewage may also carry viruses such as Ebola. When sewage is involve in a water damage problem, it needs to be removed, properly cleaned and treated as soon as possible to prevent probable illnesses.

Disposal and Treatment

A system of pipes known as a sewage system is used for collection and the beginning process of disposal and treatment. If a main sewage system is not present, then the wastewater may be collected in a septic tank and then collected by vehicles for transportation to a disposal location for treatment. A properly working septic tank should even be emptied every 2-5 years depending on the capacity of the system. Treatment of such substance is considered to be a form of waste management.

Our Process

Sewage needs to be disposed, cleaned and treated quickly and properly to prevent staining of carpet, walls, floors and furniture. If it is left without cleaning for too long it can be both toxic and damaging to property items. We at Floodmasters hold sewage as a serious subject, as it can cause a number of illnesses and loss of damage to a home or business. The germs from the sewage can cause mold, mildew and even airborne viruses and diseases from being untreated in the walls, floors and air filtration system.

We provide 24/7 emergency service for the removal and treatment of sewage damage in Atlanta.

Our trained and certified specialists remove the sewage with specific equipment. They clean the effected area with special cleaning agents that not only treat the area, but also sanitize and kill any viruses or other bacteria. This process will leave your home or business not only refreshed but most importantly sanitized.

If you are unsure if an area has been affected by sewage, please wait for a professional to analyze the situation because sewage can and most likely will contain bio hazardous materials and is dangerous.